Meet The Team!

Innovating and Advancing Newborn Care with Cutting-Edge Medical Devices

At NeoLight, our mission revolves around safeguarding and addressing newborn health conditions via state-of-the-art medical devices. We're passionately committed to delivering top-tier newborn care technologies that promise to define excellence in the field for the foreseeable future. Since our inception, our unwavering dedication has been towards enhancing infant health and well-being, with a firm commitment to consistently drive innovation in this vital sector.
Vivek Kopparthi
Co-founder & CEO
MaryBeth Smith
Chief Commercial Officer
Amy Stoklas-Oakes
VP Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Kelly Johnson
Sr. Director Product & Marketing
Robert Sordello
Sr. Director of Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Dale Isacks
Sr. Director of International Sales
Kim Vittorio
Director of Clinical Education
Steve Stamos
Director of International Sales
Deepak Shyam Krishnaraju
Co-founder & Lead R&D Engineer
Meet The Board!

Guiding and Shaping Newborn Care with Expert Leadership

Guided by a seasoned board, NeoLight is laser-focused on addressing neonatal health challenges through cutting-edge medical devices. Their unwavering commitment and expertise are key drivers in our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in newborn care solutions.
Vivek Kopparthi
Co-founder & CEO
Ben Roethlisberger
Board Member
Darryl Baker
Board Member
Mark W. Schwartz
Board Member
Ken Reali
Board Member