Meet The Team!

Innovating and Advancing Newborn Care with Cutting-Edge Medical Devices

Our mission focuses on addressing newborn health conditions via state-of-the-art medical devices that elevate the quality of patient care for infants. Since our inception, our unwavering dedication has been towards enhancing infant health and well-being, with a firm commitment to consistently drive innovation in this vital sector.
Vivek Kopparthi
Co-founder & CEO
MaryBeth Smith
Chief Commercial Officer
Ronald Wysochansky
Chief Financial Officer
Mary K. Moore
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Kelly Johnson
Sr. Director Product & Marketing
Robert Sordello
Sr. Director Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Dale Isacks
Sr. Director International Sales
Kim Vittorio
Director Clinical Education
Deepak Krishnaraju
Co-founder & Lead R&D Engineer
Meet The Board!

Guiding and Shaping Newborn Care with Expert Leadership

Guided by a seasoned board, NeoLight is laser-focused on addressing neonatal health challenges through cutting-edge medical devices. Their unwavering commitment and expertise are key drivers in our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in newborn care solutions.
Vivek Kopparthi
Co-founder & CEO
Ben Roethlisberger
Board Member
Darryl Baker
Board Member
Ken Reali
Board Member
Jim Heath
Board Member