Non-nutritive Sucking

Encourage & Strengthen the Development of Non-Nutritive Sucking

P.A.L.® Technology™ enables clinicians to provide therapy when and where it is most needed in an easy-to-use, handheld, portable system

Encourage & Strengthen Non-Nutritive Sucking

The Pacifier Activated Lullaby (P.A.L.) encourages and reinforces effective non-nutritive sucking of premature infants. This is accomplished with positive feedback given to the infant in the form of music or the mother’s voice as auditory input in direct response to sucking.

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20+ Scientific Publications Back P.A.L.'s Impact

Over 20 peer-reviewed publications have featured or utilized P.A.L. technology, demonstrating its scientific backing and clinical impact. Dive deeper into the research and unlock the full potential of P.A.L. for your practice.

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P.A.L. Healthy Start™

Non-Nutritive sucking is a foundational skill that supports the development of how to properly oral feed. Successful oral feeding is a requirement before being discharged from the hospital. The P.A.L. Technology supports the development of non-nutritive sucking to encourage the progress of oral feeding.

The development of non-nutritive sucking facilitates the progress of oral feeding for infants. Oral feeding is a major requirement for the success of their health. The P.A.L. strengthens the skill of non-nutritive sucking to alleviate concerns about improper feeding techniques.

Neonatal Nurturing

Weight Gain

Adequate weight gain for very low birth weight babies has been shown to improve mortality rates and other developmental concerns. The P.A.L. Technology promotes the development of non-nutritive sucking, a key predecessor for proper feeding progression.

Personalized Nurturing

P.A.L.’s Nurturing Model™ takes non-nutritive sucking support to the next level. This built-in architecture allows sucking strengths and durations tailored to each infant’s unique needs. Personalize patient care programs, fostering optimal suck, swallow, breath development for every baby.

Family-Centered Care

Through its unique approach, the P.A.L. device boosts patient satisfaction by enabling parents to play an active role in their baby’s Non-nutritive sucking development, resulting in a more positive and involved caregiving experience.

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P.A.L. Technology™ enables clinicians to provide therapy when and where it is most needed in an easy-to-use, handheld, portable system