High Contrast. High Resolution. Portable.

Advanced Retinal Imaging on the GO

Elevate your ophthalmic practice with the ICON™ GO - a portable ophthalmic retinal imaging system. Experience superior retinal imaging on the go with our patented Direct Illumination™ technology.
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Streamlined Imaging On-the-Go: ICON GO for Versatile Clinical Environments

Experience seamless clinical care with the ICON GO, a rugged and portable imaging system designed for utmost transportability. Move with confidence, ensuring you're transferring only the images, not the patient.

Lightweight yet robust, the ICON GO is primed to support extensive remote networks and cater to a diverse range of inter-hospital subspecialties, from PICU to ER. It's not just a tool—it's an extension of your commitment to unparalleled patient care.

Exceptional Image Quality

The ICON™ employs a proprietary optical design that incorporates Direct Illumination for superior retinal imaging quality, especially on darkly pigmented fundi.
Direct Illumination technology is optimized for high-resolution and high-contrast imaging while minimizing scatter at the edge of the field of view.
The system's single lens enables a comprehensive 100-degree wide field of view for retina surveying, providing illumination throughout the entire field of view with the same resolution as a legacy 30º high mag lens.
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New and Improved Handpiece

ICON's reinvented optics and imaging technology provides critical information from stunning images; allowing you to provide the same level of quality care to all of your patients.

Reduce Stress on Patients

The handpiece uses a low power light emitting diode (LED) and the very latest in sensitive CMOS sensor technology, allowing for low light levels, which reduces stress on sensitive patients.

Reduce Costly Repairs

State of the art light cable designed by users to remove heavy or fragile fiberoptic cable.

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Hear from some of our amazing customers who are improving ROP screening and patient outcomes.

“I use the Phoenix ICON almost every day at Boston Children’s Hospital. The detail on the images we are able to achieve with the ICON is beautiful and far superior to any other system I've used.”
Efren Gonzalez, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital
"It's a game changer in my practice because it has allowed me to better to see what we did not see before."
Dupe Popoola, MD
University of Ilorin

Reduce Work & Error with DICOM Integration

Easily export images for automatic transfer to a DICOM-compliant PACS using C-STORE. Download modality worklist from PACS/RIS and eliminate patient data entry on the ICON Camera


Capture, Review & Secure: Streamlined Medical Imaging with Enhanced Security

Easily capture still images, video, and Flash Back video. Review and export with ease. Meet healthcare security requirements with a security hardened version of Windows 10, encryption of data at rest, user roles, strong passwords, and audit logging.
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Innovative Handpiece Design with Infection Control for Safe and Hygienic Image Capture

Ensuring safe and hygienic image capture is of the utmost importance to us. We have designed a hand piece holster that includes a soaking cup, simplifying the process of disinfecting between patients. Moreover, our software features a built-in hand piece soak timer that generates an infection control audit log for all camera cleaning events.
Clean the ICON camera handpiece with unit-based levels of care: cleaning, intermediate level disinfection, high level disinfection     
Create audit logs of cleaning processes to ensure proper documentation is available
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You can reach us anytime via hello@theneolight.com
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