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CONNECT, the Communication Platform for your ROP Program

Deliver high-quality ROP screening from anywhere, anytime.


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Use built-in tools and a proven ROP screening workflow to standardize your review process. Automatically generate a standard screening report for the neonatal team (and family).
Assess More Patient Sessions from Any Location at Any Time
View More Retina Using CONNECT’s Montage Technology
Access More Usable Information with Connects’ Flexible Image Enhancement Tools
Identify More Disease Progression Comparing Prior Imaging Sessions
Automate More Standardized ROP Detailed Reporting
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Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy System for treating neonatal jaundice
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CONNECT Your ROP Program

By connecting nursing, ophthalmology, and neonatology teams through a communication platform, CONNECT facilitates your timely expert screening of patients in any NICU, enabling delivery of the best care.

CONNECT implements a proven screening workflow that generates critical photo documentation to enhance treatment determination and reduce risk.

Full Featured ROP Screening Platform

Improve management of ROP screening to reduce preventable blindness from prematurity. CONNECT is a cloud-based system that allows you to effectively manage digital wide-field images and evaluate for timeliness and efficiency.
Flexible Image Enhancement Tools Aid Reading
One-Button Montage of Native Images
Automated Zone 1 Creation
Ensure Full Coverage of The Retina by Utilizing 5 Retinal Fields
Compare Prior Imaging Studies to Observe Retinal Changes
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CONNECT for Absolute Security

Secure Data Management
Access From Any Device with an Internet Browser
HIPPA Compliant Image Handling and Storage
User-Level Password Protection
SSL-Encryption for Data Transmission

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