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Skylife™ Neonatal Phototherapy system

Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy Provides Best-in-Class Spectral Power For Optimal Hyperbilirubinemia Therapy
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Trusted by Leaders: Skylife Partners with Top Hospitals for Superior Bilirubin Care
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Clinical Update

Bilirubin Breakthrough: Skylife's 3D Light Array Delivers Faster Results

The Skylife phototherapy device was as effective as the currently used therapy, with a shift toward a more rapid decline in bilirubin levels. Using this device may potentially decrease the length of therapy and hospitalization.

- A Randomized Trial Comparing NeoLight Skylife and Blanket Phototherapy in Newborn Indirect Hyperbilirubinemia
Skylife's unique design and maximized spectral power offer a safe, comfortable, and efficient solution for babies with elevated bilirubin levels, potentially leading to shorter treatment times.

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Acute & Home Care

Reimagine Bilirubin Reduction: Skylife's Impact on Hospital Neonatal Care

Say goodbye to outdated bili blankets. Skylife's cutting-edge technology ushers in a new era of bilirubin reduction, improving outcomes and experiences for hospitals and babies alike.

Free Up Nurses' Time & Effort:

Skylife's advanced technology reduces bilirubin levels effortlessly, eliminating cumbersome equipment adjustments and streamlining treatment.

Streamlined Bedside, Optimal Care:

Skylife's innovative approach to bilirubin treatment minimizes bedside clutter, allowing for easier access to babies and improved caregiving experiences.

Uninterrupted Bonding, Unburdened Care:

Skylife's innovative intermittent phototherapy frees you and your baby from cables and light pads, nurturing precious moments of skin-to-skin and kangaroo care.

Unmatched Adaptability:

Skylife thrives in the incubator's humid environment, ensuring consistent and reliable bilirubin treatment even in challenging conditions.

Durable Innovation, Cost-Effective Choice:

Skylife eliminates the need for short-lived light pads, saving you from recurring replacement expenses and warranty headaches. Invest in lasting value for your NICU.
Revolutionizing Neonatal Care

How Skylife's Technology is Changing the Way We Treat Bilirubin

"I use the Skylife on every patient I have that’s on phototherapy. If I come on and another nurse has started them on the spotlight and their bill isn’t going down, I switch to the Skylife and their bilis always drop significantly.

They work so well!!"
Jasmine White
Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital
"We are very impressed with Skylife! With many biliblankets, the bilirubin doesn’t decrease very quickly- but with Skylife the bili was normalized very quickly. We also saw a reduction in treatment time using Skylife on our first baby who only needed 12 hours of phototherapy.

The ability for Skylife intermittent phototherapy promotes breastfeeding success and family bonding time which is vital for our babies who are diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

Skylife is fantastic! As a seasoned Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, I highly recommend Skylife."
Tara Sundem
Hushabye Nursery
"We live in a rural area which means babies with jaundice are treated in the hospital. Our babies are treated using bili blankets with a typical jaundice treatment in the hospital of 4 days.

Since we started using Skylife to treat our babies jaundice we have seen a dramatic decrease in treatment time. The most recent baby had bili levels at 19.6 mg/dL and was discharged just over 24 hours. We love Skylife."
Tracy Williams
St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics

Simplify Neonatal Phototherapy: One Device, Optimal Results

Skylife's unique system delivers 40% coverage with single-device convenience. Forget bulky setups and tangled wires. Skylife's Spectral Power Treatment and innovative Light Array provide optimal irradiance, eliminating the need for multiple devices and simplifying workflow.

Securing Comfort, Simplifying Care: Skylife CloudCover Plus™ Neonatal Containment

Skylife CloudCover Plus™ prioritizes patient safety and caregiver convenience in one innovative system. Its custom-designed swaddle access windows allow for easy access to PICC lines and umbilical cords, minimizing disruption to babies and streamlining care for medical professionals.

Investing in Better Bilirubin Care

Affordable Lease or Purchase Options Available

Don't let budget constraints hold back your patients' bilirubin treatment. Skylife offers flexible leasing and purchase options to fit your hospital's needs and budget. Bring the latest in phototherapy technology to your patients without compromising affordability.

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Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy System for treating neonatal jaundice
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