Neolight Skylife

Skylife provides efficient and effective neonatal phototherapy treatment that can be administered both in hospitals and at home.

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Skylife is the world’s market leader in delivering narrow band of high-intensity phototherapeutic treatment to provide efficient solution for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.

Skylife delivers a narrow band of high-intensity blue light to provide efficient treatment for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as Jaundice.

Skylife is designed to be used within most neonatal enclosures, including bassinets, incubators and radiant warmers for babies of all severities of Jaundice.

The innovative device is ergonomically designed to empower caregivers with more flexibility to offer different treatment modalities.

  • FDA cleared
  • Reduced bilirubin neurotoxicity
  • Faster treatment times

High-intensity light output

Skylife offers the highest spectral power on the market with a tunable setting up to 43,000 units.

Maximal BSA coverage

Our patented design covers the full length of an infant, from head to toe.

High infant body surface coverage

Skylife is the only modern device to provide uniformity across 80% of the treatment area, twice the FDA minimum requirement of only 40%.

One device fits all

Skylife was designed to fit 95 percentile of all infants regardless of age or risk, as well as all enclosures, warmers, and incubators.