Retinal Imaging.
On The GO.

Clear, high-resolution, high-contrast, stunning images on both light and dark retinas.

Phoenix ICON GO For Stunning Images

Reach more patients with the wide-field retinal camera that loves to travel

  • Reinvented optics. Single objective lens. Interchangeable light modules
  • Ideal for tele-ophthalmology, including platforms like Phoenix CONNECT™
  • Bridges the service gap in your region or hospital network

ICON™ GO camera goes with you

Wherever you take the ICON™ GO camera, its rugged transportability allows you to travel with confidence. Transfer the images instead of the patient, with the ICON™ GO camera.

Patient Safety

Today, it’s not just about capturing stunning images. It’s HOW you capture them in a safe and hygienic way.
A hand piece holster with a built-in soaking cup makes patient-to-patient disinfection easy. The hand piece soak timer built into the software creates an infection control audit log for all camera cleaning events.

Reinvented optics for Stunning images

Bring patented hand-held, wide-angle retinal imaging to your patients anywhere – from operating room to community hospital to clinic and everywhere in between.

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