November 16, 2014

Ray of hope

After winning a startup competition in 2014 during grad school, I, alongside my friend Sivakumar Palaniswamy, founded NeoLight, a U.S.-based startup focusing on jaundice eradication, now comprising a team of 10 with substantial funding and resources.
Geometric shape

NeoLight, a U.S. based start-up initiated by two Indians, hopes to play a key role in jaundice eradication.

I came to the US to pursue my master’s in management from the Arizona State University and did have a great education, continued with my research in Supply Chain Management and had a great time with classmates from over 12 countries and 65 different professions.

During grad school, my friend Sivakumar Palaniswamy (Biomedical Engineer) and I applied for a start-up idea competition and won the award for the year 2014. We were provided with a grant, office space, lab space, work stations and access to $250,000 worth of resources. We decided to take the path of entrepreneurship then. We opened a firm and took more people gradually. We are presently a team of 10 and have additional funding resources.