Over 1,000 Babies Treated with Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy

April 30, 2021

NeoLight, a startup company that’s working to bring hospital-grade neonatal care technologies to the home, continues their commercial growth and has surpassed a growth milestone of helping treat over 1,000 jaundiced babies.

When NeoLight set out to treat preventable conditions in the newborn care market they did not imagine their impact would be felt so quickly. Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy has helped treat over 1,000 neonates by quickly lowering bilirubin levels to get babies home sooner.

NeoLight is a company founded out of Arizona State University by graduate students from India. The founders selected jaundice as a great area of focus because innovation was lacking, and the worldwide need is great. They quickly understood that spectral power, including maximum body surface coverage and quality and intensity of light, is most important to effectively treat jaundice.

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