April 25, 2023

NeoLight reaches agreement to acquire InterVIEW Medical Systems, globally recognized provider of ROP education and examination

NeoLight acquired the renowned ROP Certification Program from interVIEW Medical Systems, a leading source of ROP education endorsed by major ophthalmology institutions, intending to expand access and enhance the already established standards of care for infants at risk for ROP.
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Scottsdale, Arizona, Apr 3rd,2023– NeoLight has signed a binding agreement to acquire key assets of interVIEW Medical Systems ROP (retinopathy-of-prematurity)  risk management education course and ROP risk management clinical exam, collectively called the ROP Certification Program.

The interVIEW Medical System ROP Certificate Program is recognized as a premier course for ROP training by OMIC, the largest insurer of ophthalmologists in the United States, and by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. interVIEW Medical has been the source of ROP education and certification for over 60% of all practicing pediatric ophthalmologists and retina specialists in the United States. The certification program was put together by industry thought leaders – Dr. Michael Trese, Dr. Antonio Capone, Dr. Kim Drenser and Dr. Carl Park.

“The interVIEW Medical System ROP Certificate Program has proven to be the leading source of ROP education and certification in the United States” said Vivek Kopparthi, NeoLight’s Co-founder & CEO “We look forward to advancing this great tool to allow more clinicians access to this powerful resource.”

“This course was founded to enable clinicians to be able to have a stronger safety net and an effective set of guidelines – all directed towards maximizing clinical outcomes for infants at risk for ROP. The ROP Education material is free of cost and is updated to the latest ICROP3 guidelines. “ said Dr. Antonio Capone, one of the founders of interview medical.

The interVIEWMedical System ROP Certificate Program set the standard for ROP Education and Exams by focusing on leading ROP guidance including the latest ICROP3 and AAP standards. NeoLight is focused on implementing improvements and responding to the needs of the interVIEW Medical customers and will continue to work with interVIEWMedical founding physicians Antonio Capone MD and Kimberly Drenser, MD PhD of Associated Retinal Consultants, MI.

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