You Need Affordable Phototherapy Equipment

We realize that your need for effective phototherapy treatment is still present. We offer Hospitals, DME's and Clinics Skylife equipment lease and purchase options to help you get state of the art Skylife Phototherapy equipment you need.

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SkyCap Lease

  • Lease to own
  • 3 or 5-year term
  • You pay set number of monthly payments
  • Each payment goes toward equipment payoff

Skylife Exceeds the required factors for effective phototherapy

Factor #1 - Spectral Quality

The Skylife Phototherapy System was engineered with Spectral Power Treatment™ which provides a narrow bandwidth of light between 430-475nm to most closely match the bilirubin absorption spectrum for effective jaundice treatment.

Factor #2 - Irradiance

Skylife Phototherapy System units allow the clinicians to choose between three levels of irradiance for optimal control for the care of the neonates.
- Low 30 ± 5 μW/cm²/nm
- High 45 ± 10 μW/cm²/nm
- Very High >55 μW/cm²/nm

Factor #3 - Light Distance

Introducing the Skylife Light Array™ that creates the ideal light in an under baby system which brings the light close to the baby, increasing the irradiance for effective treatment.

Factor #4 - Body Coverage

The Skylife Light Array creates 40% body surface coverage with effective, uniform light. Skylife has a large irradiated field or footprint of 119in² (769cm²).