The First Day of a Child's Life is the Most Dangerous

6 out of 10 newborns across the world suffer from jaundice.

Neonatal jaundice is the largest unrecognized cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality in the world. Every hour, neonatal jaundice claims 10 lives globally.

Who We Are

Chase, Deepak, Siva, and Vivek – we graduated from ASU and in the summer of 2014, we learned that 219 babies in Africa die everyday due to lack of access to good phototherapy. With two of us being engineers, and one having 2 years of experience working in neonatal engineering, it did not takes us long to investigate this problem and devise a feasible solution. With the help of ASU, we started working on the idea, and in 4 months we completed a working prototype. We made this device better in terms of treatment effectiveness and size for ease of transportation. Our sole motivation is to reduce the staggering number of neonatal deaths.

Mission - To deliver NeoLight devices to every corner of the world, ensuring that every new born has access to jaundice treatment.

Vision - Our vision is to eradicate Jaundice casualties all over the world.


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