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The Skylife Phototherapy System

There is a problem in the industry today when neonates are being readmitted to the hospital or the neonate length of stay is long. 18 of 1000 newborns with gestational ages between 34 and 42 weeks who were cared for in WBNs were readmitted within their first 4 weeks of life.1

Out of the 3.7M births in the US each year, studies show that ~$800M will be spent on jaundice related re-admissions. There are no viable home-based treatments for jaundice.

The ideal solution to this problem is a phototherapy system that provides effective jaundice treatment quickly and easily in the hospital and the home, that mitigates re-admissions and frustrations of jaundice treatment, and reduces cost.

The Skylife Phototherapy System has the highest spectral power on the market which facilitates reduction in discharge time, re-admittance, and promotes family bonding through efficiency, safety, quality, and ease of use.

How Does Skylife Solve the Problem?

What's the problem?

Newborn re-admissions
Out of the 3.7M births in the US each year, studies show that $793,938,291 will be spent on costly jaundice related re-admissions.
Combination Equipment
Current phototherapy devices do not provide adequate body surface coverage and spectrum power without requiring supplemental equipment. Typical hospital costs for multiple device phototherapy treatment can reach $8,290 -$12,285.
Outdated Technology
Traditional phototherapy device manufacturers have not innovated in over 13 years providing significant unmet needs for efficient phototherapy treatment.

Neolight Solves the Problem

Newborn re-admissions
Skylife reduces costly readmission by:

  • providing Spectrum Care allowing standardized treatment at hospitals and then at home
  • using Spectral Power Treatment with the highest effective spectral power and largest treatment surface available on the market

Combination Equipment
Skylife ends the need for multiple devices for effective phototherapy and brings cost per treatment down by requiring fewer days of treatment and less equipment.Outdated Technology
Skylife is engineered with the latest in innovative Spectral Power Treatment and Skylife Light Array technology to reduce length of stay, costly re-admissions, and combination equipment.