Hello Parents

Treat your babies' jaundice with Skylife @Home Care

Sign Skylife @Home Care Agreement

The Skylife @Home Care program provides a state of the art Skylife Phototherapy System for the care of your baby while at home.

Less time on lights = More normal life for family

To receive the Skylife Phototherapy System you must do two things:

Read and agree to the Skylife @Home Care contract below.

Agree to a $1,000 charge to your credit card. $478 of that charge is an all-inclusive fee associated for the use of Skylife for your prescription.

After we receive the Skylife System to our office, $522 will be returned to your credit card. The $1,000 charge is a temporary hold during the use of the system.

We provide paperwork and language that has been effective with other customers when submitting a claim with your private insurance.

After payment you will receive the Skylife Certificate. Show this certificate to your prescribing doctor or staff and you will receive the Skylife Equipment.

Step One

Skylife @Home Care Contract

Click Here to read the Skylife @Home Care Contract
You must understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the Skylife @Home Care contract before receiving the phototherapy system.

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Step Two

Credit Card Charge

Your credit card will be charged $478.00 for the length of time you have the Skylife. The total charged amount will be $1,000. After treatment is complete and Neolight receives your Skylife device you will be refunded $522 back to the credit card you submit.

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