Skylife™ vs neoBLUE® bili blanket

Skylife™ Neonatal Phototherapy Outperforms neoBLUE®

Skylife™ Spectral Power = optimal light irradiance + market leading body surface coverage.

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Irradiance (μW/cm2/nm)

30 - >55


Surface Area (cm2)



Spectral Power (μW/nm)

23,040 - 43,224


Light Distribution



LED Life (hrs.)




3 Years

1 Year (pad & light box)

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Why Skylife?

Faster Treatment Time

The Skylife Phototherapy System with Best in Class Spectral Power effectively reduces bilirubin levels in a shorter time than competitor products, ultimately reducing length of stay.

Skylife vs GE BiliSoft Study

"Observations also indicated that, so far, Skylife can discharge patients 9 - 17 hours faster than the standard of care (40% quicker)"
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Home Phototherapy

Keeps infants and families out of the hospital and safe at home and reduce jaundice readmission with Skylife phototherapy treatment at home.

Skylife @Home Care makes home phototherapy treatments a viable solution for your patients rather than readmitting their jaundiced neonate back to the hospital.


Skylife on any budget. We offer Skylife equipment Lease, Equity Rental, or Purchase options to hospitals, clinic's, and DME's to help you get the state of the art Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy equipment you need.

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Lower Costs

Bili blanket light pads break easily, and most come with only a 1-year warranty.

Skylife is built to last by removing the need for cables and light pads. We are so confident in the quality of Skylife that each system comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

Works with GE Giraffe

The Skylife Neonatal Phototherapy System works with the GE Giraffe Incubator.

Skylife interfaces with Giraffe and is designed to operate in the high humidity environment.

Breastfeeding Success

Breastfeeding success is best achieved when babies are not burdened with cables and light pads used with bili blankets.

Best in Class Spectral Power of Skylife allows for intermittent phototherapy. Intermittent Phototherapy provides time to feed and care for baby without cables and light pads getting in the way.

Family Bonding

Bili blanket cables and light pads interfere with family bonding

Skylife allows Intermittent Phototherapy which provides infant bonding, skin-to-skin, kangaroo care without intrusive cables and light pads.

Hear from our customers

Hear From skylife customers

"We are very impressed with Skylife! With many biliblankets, the bilirubin doesn’t decrease very quickly- but with Skylife the bili was normalized very quickly. We also saw a reduction in treatment time using Skylife on our first baby who only needed 12 hours of phototherapy.

The ability for Skylife intermittent phototherapy promotes breastfeeding success and family bonding time which is vital for our babies who are diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

Skylife is fantastic! As a seasoned Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, I highly recommend Skylife."

Tara Sundem

Hushabye Nursery

"I use the Skylife on every patient I have that’s on phototherapy. If I come on and another nurse has started them on the spotlight and their bill isn’t going down, I switch to the Skylife and their bilis always drop significantly.

They work so well!!"

Jasmine White

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

"We live in a rural area which means babies with jaundice are treated in the hospital. Our babies are treated using bili blankets with a typical jaundice treatment in the hospital of 4 days.

Since we started using Skylife to treat our babies jaundice we have seen a dramatic decrease in treatment time. The most recent baby had bili levels at 19.6 mg/dL and was discharged just over 24 hours. We love Skylife."

Tracy Williams

St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics

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One product for all your phototherapy needs

Skylife's Spectral Power Allows you to Reduce the overhead and bili blanket bedside equipment

Next Generation in Hyperbilirubinemia Management, Skylife with Best in Class Spectral Power allows for intermittent phototherapy and gives you:

Shortened Treatment Times

Improves Access to Baby

Family Bonding Time

Reduced Bedside Equipment

Lease Options

Breastfeeding Success

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