Reduce jaundice readmission with Skylife phototherapy treatment at home

Skylife @Home Care is easy to administer, shortens the time required for phototherapy, and keeps infants with their families safe at home 

Why are we doing this?

Keep Babies Home
Reduce readmission
Provide Faster Treatment
Allow Unencumbered Care

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Brief description of Skylife @Home Care

Hospital Providing Phototherapy for Neonates using Skylife

Phase 1

Neolight consigns Skylife Phototherapy System(s) at hospital/clinic. Physician Rx Skylife using this form: Physician Portal

Phase 2

Parent receives email directing them to Parent Contract, signs agreement and submits financial payment.

Hospital Providing Phototherapy for Neonates using Skylife

Phase 3

Neolight sends replenishment Skylife Phototherapy System to hospital/clinic.
Parent receives training here: Parent Portal

Home phototherapy treatments for neonates

Phase 4

After completed treatment, parent’s package Skylife and return to Parent Portal

A clear and simple path for parents to treat their babies at home. Neolight partners with pediatric offices/clinics with no cost phototherapy equipment.

Less time on lights
More normal life for patients
Better compliance

Increase Patient Satisfaction
Supply Phototherapy Equipment Immediately
Eliminate Costs for Hospital/Provider Office

Working Together to Treat Jaundice @Home

The desire for mothers to discharge as soon as possible and not wanting to readmit their child for jaundiced treatment only, has motivated us to create and implement this program and realize we can be part of the solution. Considering the copay to the hospital, the risks associated, the interruption to the family, and the inconvenience for all involved, this option is appropriate and has been well received.

Clinician Portal

Parent Portal