Skylife @Home Care Parents Guide


The following resources are provided for you to quickly begin using the Skylife Phototherapy System to treat your baby's jaundice.

If you have questions please see the F.A.Q. section below or contact us through our social media channels or your Neolight Concierge Service.

Skylife Training Video

This simple video will quickly explain the steps required to use the Skylife phototherapy System effectively.

The Skylife Phototherapy System was developed to provide high quality, uniform light which provides you the opportunity for intermittent phototherapy for your baby.

Intermittent phototherapy means you can pause the device to feed, diaper or care for your baby.

Insurance Claim

Can I submit a claim directly to my insurance company?

We are told by customers that they are reimbursed a portion of the all inclusive fee or, inmost cases, it goes against their out of pocket/out of network max for the year.

Please download this Insurance Claim Kit with information that may help with your insurance claim.

Download Claim Submission Information

Returning Skylife

  1. Make sure Skylife is clean. Skylife is cleaned using standard cleaning cloths such as Super Sani Cloth®
  2. Repackage Skylife with the same packaging materials in preparation for pickup.
    Click here for a visual repackage guide
  3. Your Skylife kit included a prepaid FedEx label. After repackaging Skylife affix the preprinted label to the outside of the box.
  4. Please drop off the packaged Skylife System at your nearest FedEx location. Check FedEx locations near you.


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How Do I Send Skylife Back?
Skylife Shipping

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Neolight Concierge Service

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Please contact your doctors office for questions about your babies jaundice treatment or any other medical issues.